The Search for Carnivores

As a starting point, I have decided to hopefully capture every species of British carnivorous land-living mammal on camera. Whether it is on a trail camera or video. As long as one of my cameras takes the image/footage and it’s clearly that species.

It’s important to note that some of our native carnivores have hybridised with their domestic counterparts, this is especially true with the Scottish Wildcat and the Polecat. If I encounter a hybrid animal it will still be a a valid observation because pure-bred Polecats are really quite rare and the pure Scottish wildcats are so rare some have gone as far as saying there aren’t any of them left in the wild.

Red Fox: Observed

European Badger: Observed

Eurasian River Otter: Observed

Stoat: Not Observed

Weasel: Not Observed

Polecat: Observed

Pine marten: Not Observed

Scottish Wildcat: Not Observed

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