2nd Carnivore Completed

Taking this photo of the European Badger was a little more tricky than the fox. Now that I have found one of its favourite spots, it shouldn’t be too hard to get better images and videos. The Badger knocked a branch in front of the trail camera, but I will move that out of the way when I reset the camera tonight.

These images were taken in a hedgerow in Somerset, England. For various reasons I am afraid I cannot put the exact location, but the images are legal because I had permission from the landowner. I know the landowner very well, so I cannot recommend asking any random farmer if you can explore their property.

I discovered the spot when walking along a footpath on one side of a field when I spotted a very small latrine and a hole in the hedgerow. After clambering through the hole there was an even larger latrine inside the hedge. It was in the hedge itself were I attached the camera trap to a shrub and put some peanuts on the ground. For those interested I do not put much food down unless it’s a location I haven’t already tried and after this I limit the bait to rare occasions.

The Badger is listed as the largest British carnivore and boars(males) can weigh over 15 kilograms before winter. Sows(females) weigh a little less. Badgers are known for making extensive tunnel systems called setts, which can be an issue in gardens, car parks and building sites. It is one of the most popular mammals in the UK as well as being one of the heaviest Mustelids in the world.

Please feel free to ask questions below.

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