Corvids: The Jay

“The Jay is heavily dependant on trees-especially oaks-and is more often heard than seen. It greets woodland intruders with a raucous, scolding “caaarg-caarg”. When seen, the pinkish-buff plumage, streaked crown, white rump and blue wing-patch are distinctive. Jays like acorns, which are often collected and buried amongst fallen leaves and twigs to be eaten in the winter. Beechnuts, peas, fruit and berries are similarly stored. Jays also eat small mammals, insects and worms, and will sometimes raid the nests of other birds.”

When in the RSPB Ham Wall Nature Reserve I encountered a Jay flying from tree to tree. Sadly it wasn’t great footage because I didn’t have stand to use. At first I saw the tail and thought it was just a Magpie, then when it nest flew across the path the pinkish colour was clearly visible.

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