Rare Polecat family

Polecats are infamous for their habit of killing more than they could eat, due to this they were once highly persecuted and nearly went extinct in Britain. When threatened, the Polecat releases a foul smell to keep away predators and mark its territory. It’s mainly nocturnal and can swim well, but isn’t very good at climbing trees. In most locations the Polecats are not very pure because they breed with escaped ferrets.

When cycling down a lane near Exmoor, I heard a squealing noise coming from the hedge. I got off my bike to have a look, at first I thought the sound might be a Hedgehog, but on closer inspection, it was a baby polecat. A few minutes later the mother and a couple more young came. On one of the young there was even a faint mask, which is a good sign that there could be some purer Polecats around.

Polecats, even hybrids are rare in this area, which makes this a lucky find.

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