Hamish the Hedgehog

Around a month ago a young Hedgehog ,with fleas and a severe injury to its side, was found under gate without parents or siblings. Following this event the people who found the Hedgehog did some research into what to do with an injured Hedgehog. Hamish was carried over to a chicken coup to protect him an his food from the rats.

To start with, Hamish needed lots of attention because he was practically unable to move. Every night and morning he needed a new hot water bottle to keep his body warm and a blanket. After a while, he started eating the food by himself late at night and slowly put on some weight, although he was still nowhere near the 450 grams he needed to be for release.

Hamish the Hedgehog during his own Lockdown

Then over the next week, Hamish put on 100 grams and grew more spines on his back. It was around this point that I first saw him for myself when I was invited round to see this young Hedgehog. Since being rescued, Hamish had grown and recovered a great deal and was looking more like and adult Hedgehog. The image above is one that I took on my first visit.

Not long after I visited him, Hamish was ready for release and had reached 450 grams. His door was opened and later in the night, and Hamish left the chicken hutch. Every night he returns around twenty times to eat from his bowl of dry hedgehog food, left out for him. The video below was taken by my trail camera next to his bowl. Hamish is a great example of helping wildlife and then releasing them again and I hope he continues to do well in the wild.

Hamish the Hedgehog living wild

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