Little Owl Fledgling

A couple of weeks ago I came across a Little Owl fledgling in an old farm shed. Going up the weathered stone steps, I could hear peculiar scratching and scrambling sounds and found it curled up under a wooden box of some sort. It must have come down from the nest prematurely as it seemedContinue reading “Little Owl Fledgling”

Pollarding willow

During the middle of the last lockdown, I decided to have a go at pollarding. I had never pollarded a tree before and I have never had any training of any kind that involves cutting wood. However, I did some research online about pollarding to try and find out more. People have been pollarding treesContinue reading “Pollarding willow”

Kingfisher Encounter

In recent weeks there has been lots of commotion along the rivers and ponds near my home. A pair of Cormorants has arrived at one of the ponds and the cygnets that hatched earlier this year have grown rapidly and are now nearly as large as the adults. All of this is interesting, but thereContinue reading “Kingfisher Encounter”

Planting trees

Often we hear about how the key to solving climate change is planting millions of trees. It probably isn’t quite that simple, but in a garden it can be a good way to encourage wildlife as well as reducing your carbon footprint. In a small garden one can plant only a small handful of treesContinue reading “Planting trees”

The English Oak

The Oak, is certainly a feature very unique to the english countryside, the green acorns feature on many a logo. In many areas of the UK it towers over cattle on lush green pasture or even meadow. The distinctive lobed green leaves are also and icon for woodland and the countryside. Sadly, the genus QuercusContinue reading “The English Oak”


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