The Ardnamurchan Peninsula: Day 3

Overall today was far less interesting than the previous two day, which although a little disappointing, is all part of watching wildlife. The special days would never be special without the not so special days, for most of the afternoon it rained constantly until late evening.

Despite seeing next to nothing when compared to the previous days, there was still come interesting wildlife about. On the early morning otter search, I saw a Bullfinch fly across the road and then heard it singing it’s soft yet hight-pitched song. Later on, down by a shallow lake; we got good views of a young Curlew, heard the eerie calls and saw a distant Red deer stag on the hillside.

The highlight of the day were probably the Pine martens outside the window coming to feed. First, when there was still a little bit of light, a wary adult came in to eat the sandwiches on the window. Next came the two young siblings, who were more confident and were a delight to see interacting with each other. All of the Pine martens came within two feet of us, watching from inside behind the glass.

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