Kingfisher Encounter

In recent weeks there has been lots of commotion along the rivers and ponds near my home. A pair of Cormorants has arrived at one of the ponds and the cygnets that hatched earlier this year have grown rapidly and are now nearly as large as the adults. All of this is interesting, but there was event that occurred a few days ago that was even more exciting.

I was walking to a golf course, parallel to a stream, when I saw a blue ball of feathers perched only metres away. I quickly realised it was a Kingfisher and hastily I moved to one side for a better view. The bird didn’t seem to notice me, as if it was asleep, and so I had enough time to take a couple of photos, unfortunately, the bird was partially obscured by branches. Eventually, it flew off, the blue feathers sparkling in the light as it skimmed across a pond nearby.

I was lucky to get so close to this bird and be able to take photos. The Kingfisher is such an elusive bird and it rarely lands anywhere for very long. I hope to be able to see this bird up close again and hopefully it will not by hiding behind twigs or branches.

Kingfisher, Oake Manor, Somerset

One thought on “Kingfisher Encounter

  1. It’s great that something new keeps turning up. I wonder how long the cygnets will stay for? You are so lucky to get such an amazing view of the kingfisher, whenever I’m in what I think is a suitable habitat I always pause and watch but I’ve never seen one yet.


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