Little Owl Fledgling

A couple of weeks ago I came across a Little Owl fledgling in an old farm shed. Going up the weathered stone steps, I could hear peculiar scratching and scrambling sounds and found it curled up under a wooden box of some sort. It must have come down from the nest prematurely as it seemed unable to fly and simply hopped away when approached. After watching the young bird for a short while, I saw it hop down into one of the holes in the floorboards and vanish, although I believe I have seen it perched in a pine tree since. I was aware that there was a nest at the top of the old shed as on occasions I had seen the parents before, although this was more interesting.

*Note: Little Owls are not actually native birds, they only began to breed in the UK in the victorian era.

Little Owl Fledgling, Oake, Somerset

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