Make a log pile for wildlife

Just by making a pile of logs in your garden, you can attract lots of creatures to your garden. Slow worms and snakes will take shelter in the logs or in the natural materials around them. Slow worms will eat invertebrate pests, such as slugs, and snakes will keep rodents under control. If you make a pile of leaves next to your log pile, you might even attract hedgehogs.

In most places now when a tree falls it is cut up into firewood or building materials, which means less rotting wood on the ground. The reduction in spare wood means it is increasingly difficult for invertebrates, like beetles, to find any food for their larvae. By helping beetles an other invertebrates, you are providing food for animals further up the food-chain.

You will need…

Logs(with bark), a Shovel or Trowel, Rotting wood and/or bark and also any other natural materials you can find; twigs, leaves, hay, dried grass

1. Bury one side of some of your logs.

2. Place the other logs on top

3. Fill in the gaps between the logs with your rotting wood or bark and cover the ground around your log pile with the natural materials you found.

Now your log pile is complete, there are plenty of other ways to do it as well, below is another larger log pile I made under a tree that is less organised an has branches and a pile of leaves. Hopefully this wasn’t too complicated and some of you reading this have tried making one.

One thought on “Make a log pile for wildlife

  1. Love the log piles, I really ought to try and make one too. We have got the stump of an old cherry tree, about 2m tall which is covered in honeysuckle. This is gradually rotting around the base and I’m hoping for stag beetle larva which we’ve had in the past.

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