Beavers of the River Otter

Yesterday I visited the River Otter in Devon, where there are the only wild Beavers in England. Upon arrival I was very lucky, there was a small group of people filming a beaver only a few hundred meters from the start of the footpath. I then proceeded to follow this Beaver along the river for the next half an hour. During that time I took some good footage and, through my binoculars, some great views.

The most surprising fact I learnt about beavers is that they’re quite tame and don’t seem to mind people too much. When they get irritated they just swim to the other side of the river or dive under for a few feet. This Beaver was on some kind of mission and, after swimming over a mile, it stopped and began to chew on some plant matter.

Beaver chewing on aquatic plants

This September, DEFRA will decide whether or not to keep the beavers in the river permanently. That isn’t only factor that could damage the Devon population, inbreeding is another issue. The Devon Wildlife trust has been preventing inbreeding in the Devon population by introducing new individuals to areas around the river and estuaries. There are now at least seven breeding pairs in the river and even more families.

The work done by the Devon wildlife Trust isn’t just helping these Beavers, but also paving the way for other Beaver reintroductions around the country. You can help now by donating to the Devon Wildlife Trust today.

One thought on “Beavers of the River Otter

  1. What a stroke of luck! Such great footage of a beaver at your first attempt. Great sound effects of it chomping on the plants too.


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