The Toad

The common Toad is an iconic creature of the British pond. It is most often seen under logs or in compost heaps. Unlike the frog, it has a poisonous lump behind the head, which is there to prevent predators from consuming the Toad. However the most obvious difference when compared to a frog is the uneven, lumpy skin. Despite the plain appearance from above, underneath, the Toad is a light yellow with darker specs.

When in Langford Heathfield, the second largest reserve of the Somerset wildlife trust, I found a large toad underneath a log. Before picking it up, I soaked my hands in the nearby stream because human hands can irritate the skin of amphibians. I placed the Toad on the log and it stayed on there and I could get a better view. Later, I gently placed the log over the the Toad and it quickly disappeared into a gap under the log.

Common Toad,; Langford Budville, Somerset, England

One thought on “The Toad

  1. There’s really something very appealing about a toad and I’m always very pleased to find one in the garden but I have to say I haven’t seen any lately. I didn’t know about the effect of human skin on amphibians, I must have mistakenly irritated quite a few in the past.


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