The Ardnamurchan Peninsula: Day 5

Today was the last early morning otter search of the week, no otters, but still some Greenshank in the bay followed by a group of Goosanders. There was persistent light rain throughout the day and a light breeze. Plenty of highland midges would gather when I stood still for more than a couple of minutes.

After another “full Scottish breakfast”, we travelled east from Glenborrodale to Strontian. In Strontian we stopped at the Ariundle cafe before going to the Garbh Eilean hide. From the hide, we saw; Red-breasted mergansers, Common seals, Great cormorants and a few Grey herons. Sometimes a bold Robin would perch right behind the hide, which would make for a good photo.

The bold Robin at the Garbh Eilean hide

After visiting the hide, we went North to Castle Tioran, which although busy for Ardnamurchan standards, had stunning scenery. There were no wading birds in sight nor white-tailed eagles probably because of the constant barking of dog off leads fighting. We soon left the castle.

Back at the bunkhouse pine martens were once again feeding outside, providing even closer views than the night before. At about midnight we woke up and went on a night drive. There wasn’t much to see other than the red deer hinds and the occasional stag. Despite not seeing a great diversity in species there was a great diversity in size, the little calves being a small as a child and the mature stags being more like small cattle.

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