The Ardnamurchan Peninsula: Day 6

On the final day, the aim was to try and see more otters and eagles, the night before had been great as usual for Pine martens with the same three coming in again. The day began as usual, a “Full Scottish” breakfast, which is essentially a Full English breakfast, but with a black pudding. Every day we had a meal, through the window we could see a field of sheep, that always had Canada and Greylag geese feeding for invertebrates.

Straight after breakfast we drove past loch Mudle and headed north for another visit to Ardnamurchan point. On the way there were two juvenile White-tailed eagles, fighting off ravens and sometimes even each other. This overall was my favourite wildlife experience of the whole holiday, it was just magical to see the largest bird of prey in the country circling and fighting so close and in person.

Juvenile White-tailed eagle, Loch Mudle, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

After seeing the eagles, we continued north to Ardnamurchan point, which sadly wasn’t as productive as the day before. The stronger winds meant that any birds that came close to shore went extremely fast, making it difficult to get clear views. Next we travelled to Sanna Bay, locally famous for having soft sand and clear waters. The waders along the beach proved to be great photography subjects.

This was the final part of my travels around the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, it was great fun and there was more than plenty to see.

Sanderling, Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

2 thoughts on “The Ardnamurchan Peninsula: Day 6

  1. What a great end to a fantastic week! You are so lucky to have seen so many different species of birds, animals, flowers and insects. This is another delightful photo which makes a lovely composition of the bird, the shells and the foam of the sea.


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