Dartmoor National Park

Yesterday I visited Dartmoor National Park, one of the largest in southern Britain. There was an abundance of butterflies and birds, including some endangered species. I visited the river Dart and the surrounding area, including a tor. I was shown the area by a local guide, who knew where the interesting sights were, it wouldContinue reading “Dartmoor National Park”

Falcons and Seabirds on the Isle of Purbeck

After a rather interesting turn of events, linked to the Coronavirus Lockdown my summer holiday ended up in Dorset, in the pleasant seaside town of Swanage. At first glance not a greatly interesting place for wildlife, but if you look more closely at Swanage and the surrounding area, you will find an abundance of seashoreContinue reading “Falcons and Seabirds on the Isle of Purbeck”

Make a log pile for wildlife

Just by making a pile of logs in your garden, you can attract lots of creatures to your garden. Slow worms and snakes will take shelter in the logs or in the natural materials around them. Slow worms will eat invertebrate pests, such as slugs, and snakes will keep rodents under control. If you makeContinue reading “Make a log pile for wildlife”