Corvids: The Jay

“The Jay is heavily dependant on trees-especially oaks-and is more often heard than seen. It greets woodland intruders with a raucous, scolding “caaarg-caarg”. When seen, the pinkish-buff plumage, streaked crown, white rump and blue wing-patch are distinctive. Jays like acorns, which are often collected and buried amongst fallen leaves and twigs to be eaten inContinue reading “Corvids: The Jay”

Avalon Marshes Birdwatching

Today I visited Avalon Marshes in North Somerset, more specifically the Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve. Upon entry there was a great variety of birdsong, from the Booming of the Bittern to the unusual song of the Cuckoo. The reserve used to be an industrious wasteland for peat harvesting. After the peat was gone, theContinue reading “Avalon Marshes Birdwatching”